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How window film works

How does window film work?
When sunlight comes through your window, both solar heat and UV light is transmitted through your glass. When you apply window film to your window glass, depending on the film you choose, it helps to reject up to 78% of the solar heat and up to 99.9% of the harmful UV rays. As a result, you are able to remain cooler, protect your furnishings from fading, help your air conditioner be more efficient and save on energy costs.

Does the film really work?
Yes. 3M™ Window Films are the most tested films in the industry for heat, glare, and UV protection. The film meets or exceeds independent laboratory standards for performance and visual clarity.

Can window film prevent sun damage and fading?
Yes. In fact, this is one of the main reasons homeowners purchase window film. 3M™ Window Films blocks up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays and up to 78% of solar heat, two of the major causes of fading and sun damage. While nothing can stop complete sun damage, window films will help to protect furnishings by slowing down the effects of fading.

Can window film keep my house or commercial property cool?
Yes. Window film reduces the amount of solar heat coming through windows. This helps reduce the amount of heat transferred into a room from its windows, which can make a room 8-10 degrees cooler in many cases.

How can I reduce glare with window film?
You can reduce glare by selecting a window film with tint. The tint helps to cut down the amount of light coming through the windows and create a more comfortable environment for you. This is similar to putting on a really good pair of sunglasses, but for your windows.

How can window film help me save energy?
Window films work by reducing the amount of heat that is transmitted into your home or office, which allows you to better control the interior temperature and reduce your air conditioning usage. When you use less air conditioning, you save energy and costs associated with it.

Cost of window films

What is the cost of window films?
Window film costs consist of both materials and labor costs. Depending on the film you choose, on average, a window film installation can cost less than other window treatments. For commercial buildings, you can recover your costs in 3 – 5 years from energy savings. For residential homes, your investment in window films not only help you save money on energy costs but also on replacement costs of your furnishings, flooring, and artwork by helping to protect them from premature fading. With safety and security window films, you are protecting your property from potential break-ins and severe weather damage. Furthermore, window film installations may be eligible for energy rebates. When you consider all the benefits of window films, it actually is a very economical and great investment.

Types and color of window film

How many types of window films are there?
There are 4 types:
1. Sun Control films that provide heat, UV, and glare reduction.
2. Safety and Security films that enhances safety by helping to deter break-ins and protect your home from natural disasters. With the addition of 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems, you can improve the overall performance of these safety and security films.
3. Low-E or insulation films that provided increased insulation performance, comfort and savings year-round.
4. Privacy and decorative films that help you achieve the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or other textured designs at a fraction of the cost to enhance aesthetics and privacy.

What color is window film and does it have a tinted appearance?
The appearance of our most popular films for flat glass are optically clear and distortion free. Installed correctly, the look of your windows remains intact without much noticeable difference. 3M™ Window Films come in a wide variety of shades to meet various needs and budgets. We are careful to help you choose the proper film for you specific needs.

Window film installation

Can I install the film myself?
No. 3M™ Window Films can only be professionally installed by certified installers. We take pride in our craftsmanship and do not subcontract the installation work.

What type of glass and windows can window film be applied on?
There is a window film for most window and glass surfaces. Window films can be applied to doors, patio doors, large windows, skylights, small French panes or any other types of glass. They are also safe for dual pane and tempered glass.

How long does it take to install window film?
The installation duration will depend on how many windows you want window film applied to. In many cases, residential installations are completed in 1-2 days. Please contact us and we can help you to understand the installation and timelines required for your specific project.

Does window film go on the inside of outside of the window?
3M window film is installed exclusively on the inside of the window with few exceptions.

Does window film cause any odor or air quality concerns?
No, the films are totally odorless. Air quality is confirmed by E.P.A. testing protocol.

Will window film damage my windows?
With the proper window film analysis and selection, there is little risk to your windows, seals or frames. Our experienced team is highly skilled in analyzing your windows and needs. We will help you to select the best window film that works for you and your windows while minimizing any risk of damage. And as an added precaution, we offer warranties against such things as thermal breakage and seal failures (where applicable). Please contact us for more information.

Care and maintenance

Is window film easy to scratch?
3M™ Window Films come with a patented hardcoat to make the surface of our films abrasion resistant. While the films are scratch resistant, we do not recommend using abrasive materials on it.

When and what can I clean my window film with?
3M™ Window Films may be washed with common washing solutions, including ammonia-based products, thirty (30) days after installation. Abrasive type cleaning agents and bristle brushes which would scratch the film must not be used. Synthetic sponges, squeegees, or soft cloths are recommended to be used with the cleaning solution. To maintain your warranty, do not use tape or other adhesive products on the film.

Board and historic building approval

Does window film meet Board approval for plantations?
At this time, 3M™ Window Films exceeds code requirements for visual standards.

Is window film approved for historic buildings?
3M films meet or exceed most historical society requirements.