Enjoy Your View Without Straining Your Eyes.

Sunlight brightens up a room and can make your views breathtakingly beautiful. But too much sun can cause glare, putting additional strain on your eyes and make you want to close your curtains or blinds. Applying 3M™ Window Films can help reduce the glare, allowing you to keep your window treatments open and enjoy your view in comfort.

3M™ Window Films
can help reduce up to


of glare from the sun

Reduce Glare with Window Tint for Your Home.

Glare is caused by the presence bright sunlight. To reduce glare, you will need to reduce the amount of light coming in through your windows which can be achieved with tinted window films. 3M offers window films with varying degrees of tint to help you cut down the right amount of light while still maintaining your view and the aesthetics of your windows. The net effect of finding the right window film is equivalent to wearing a good pair of sunglasses where you can see better without straining your eyes.

See why a homeowner chose 3M™ Window Films to address glare.

Recommended Products for Glare Reduction:

3M™ Window Film Night Vision Series

Provides both strong heat rejection and light filtering to reduce glare so you can enjoy your view.

3M™ Window Film Prestige Series

Provides the highest heat rejection and the ultimate clarity for an uncompromised view.

3M™ Window Film Neutral Series

Reduce glare while staying comfortable and on budget.

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