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Known for its historic inns, beachside resorts, and hotels, Charleston was founded in 1670. Charleston’s unique southern charm has made it known for its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pastel antebellum houses. In 2016, the city was ranked the “Best City in the World,” in Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Windows are the #1 cause of heat gain/loss in most new homes. All across The lowcountry, homeowners are wasting money on high utility bills and living with unnecessary glare due to inefficient glass and poorly manufactured windows. Save yourself money by adding custom fit, state-of-the-art residential and commercial window film products brought to you by 3M™. For over 20 years, Coastal Installations INC has delivered award-winning service to thousands of customers across The lowcountry.Expert Window Film Installation in Charleston, SC

We’re the area’s proud, exclusive installer of the complete list of window film inventory by 3M™. The household name and brand that creates so many common, everyday items has led the way in window film technology for over 40 years. Start today and learn how window film installed in your home and office will save you money and add comfort unmatched by any window manufacturer.

Expert Window Film Installation in Charleston for your home & office:

For Your Home: There are so many reasons to tint your home windows. Our customers choose window film for heat, glare, fading, privacy, security, and decoration. With today’s window manufacturers cutting costs, and 3M™ window film technology advancing every year, we’re seeing the benefits, value, and ROI increases every year. If you’re in the Charleston area and looking for a superior window film product, you’ve found the right company!

For Your Office: You don’t have to be uncomfortable at work. Annoying glare on your computer screens? Lack of privacy in your meeting rooms? Do you feel unsafe or need to add protection to your glass windows or doors? With the largest selection of commercial-grade window films, 3M™ sets the standard for quality and durability. With over 30 years of experience in the Charleston market, we know what matters most to our customers. Quality service, products, fast installation, and guaranteed results.

A new view after window film is installed on a window.


Enhance the look and efficiency of your home with the best window film technology available today. With over 30 years experience in Charleston and surrounding areas, we’ve seen it all. If you’re looking to enhance your views and save money, give us a call and learn more about 3M™ window films.

Business owner before getting window film installed.


We’re convinced every business owner and property manager would immediately move to install window film on their buildings for a host of reasons. From energy savings to privacy, security, glare reduction and decoration, commercial window film enhances a buildings aesthetics and comfort for a fraction the cost of new windows.

Kids walking home after school with safety and security window film installed.


As parents and grandparents, Coastal Installations understands the importance of safety in our local schools. After so many tragic events happening across the country, 3M™ window film has stepped up to lead the way in safety and security window film technology. Our pledge is to do our part in protecting our community from these outrageous acts by providing the very best in window film protection.

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Our Process: Professional Service From Start to Finish

When you call Coastal Installations INC, you’ll be greeted by a real person, not a computer or answering service. Our office staff knows the window film and window tinting industry. We’re prepared to provide all the information you need and schedule one of our territory managers to arrive at your home or office to provide you with an accurate estimate and demonstration of all our products.

Once on-site, we’ll show you the different 3M™ options and technology allowing you to choose the perfect solution for you. We’ll provide a free consultation and energy-saving calculator to show exactly how much heat will be rejected with each of our products.

Scheduling is as easy as 1-2-3: Once you’ve selected the perfect window film product, we’ll arrive in marked vehicles and our team of uniformed technicians will install your window film, perfectly. Every time.

Siabrame on how to decide the perfect window film.
our techs applying 3M Window Film Installation in Beaufort

Our installation teams are courteous, professional and take meticulous care to ensure a clean and smooth window film installation. See how our installation works.

The 3M™ Difference

Over the past 50 years, 3M™ has become a household name for so many products you likely know and love. One of the biggest opportunities for energy savings in a home and office is to apply window film. As the pioneer and leader in window film technology, 3M™ has set the standard in aesthetics, efficiency, and safety in all its products.

If you’re looking to have the highest quality, most optically clear, and efficient product in today’s market in your home or office, Coastal Installations has the product for you. With over 20 years of experience installing exclusively 3M™ window films, we have seen and installed it all. We’re award-winning and have hung over 1,000,000 sqft of product. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and the same level of excellence every customer is guaranteed.

Global strength committed to local communities.


Due to our service excellence and expertise in window film installations, we have been recognized by 3M with numerous awards such as:

Regional Dealer of the Year

National Outstanding Service Award

Marketing Leadership Award

Mid Atlantic Dealer of the Year

Sales Leadership Award

Market Penetration Award

Market Driver of the Year

Partnership Award

Outstanding Sales Achievement Award